Slow Down Already!

I feel like I am out of breath from all the running around we have done this week! Time is flying by so quickly and I would love to just slow everything down and take it all in for a moment! As I sit down to write I feel like the weekend is already zipping right along.

Last night Dan and I went to Homecoming at the local high school to watch our little nephew play the part of “crown bearer.” It was absolutely adorable how proudly we walked to the center of the court with the chest puffed out and shoulders back displaying the king’s crown as his prized possession. The announcer introduced him and his parents and stated his hobbies and plans for the future as his little, round face presented a proud smile center stage. As you can imagine, we got a good laugh from all four of the little crown bearers’ answers. Naturally, our nephews hobbies included fishing, playing with his two dogs – Jingles and Scooter – and hunting coyotes with his dad. Oh, and now he wants to be a race car driver when he grows up – this part must be a new interest. I can’t keep up with the kiddos!

Homecoming lasted much longer than Dan and I had expected but it was successful as both the girl’s and boy’s basketball teams came out on top! We ended the evening on the couch – only to wake up in the middle of the night to realize we never made it to bed! Boy, were we pooped or what!?! (continuing signs of old age creeping up on me).

Regardless, we were both up early, Dan off to hunt again (he has to get his fix as there aren’t many weekends left to hunt coyotes around here). Meanwhile, I’m feeling like it’s a great day to bake! (AKA: I’m felling hungry, a little bored, and did I mention hungry?)

Here comes the sugar! I made these lil’ puppies on New Year’s Eve and feel like it’s a great time for a repeat! This little treat is mouth-watering, sweet, addiction! I shall call them – Honey Apple Pie Bites (BAM! – I’m so ridiculously original!)

Honey Apple Pie Bites

honey apple pie bites


  • 1 roll refrigerated pie crust
  • 1 can apple pie filling
  • Honey butter
  • NOTE: I used some honey butter left over from our wedding that my mother in law made from her family’s old recipe. I have also used this recipe for cinnamon honey butter which I found online at Six Sister’s Stuff

Easy Peasy Directions:

1)Preheat oven as directed for the pie crust.

2) Unroll the pie crust

3) Use a cookie cutter [or in my resourceful (I seriously don’t have a circle cookie cutter!?!) case,  I used a measuring cup] to divide all the dough into mini circles.


4) Divide the apple filling evenly between all circles. Then, bring the edges together with your two index fingers and thumbs. Pinch the two sides together leaving a small opening in the center of the pastry.


5) Add a small pat of honey butter on top of the center opening of each individual pastry. As the butter melts it will go through the middle into the pastry.

6) Grease a 9 x 13” pan and line with the mini honey apple pie bites.

7) Bake as directed for pastry crust.

honey apple pie bites

Served best warm with vanilla ice cream!

Hope you enjoy! Maybe you can share a little with your sweetheart this Valentines Day!

– Rustic Honey

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