Easter Treasure Hunting

Howdy Ya’ll!

Good to be back with you after a wonderful (what seemed longer than usual) Easter weekend! I hope you all had a wonderful Sunday with family and friends!

The weekend was pretty eventful for us. Saturday we entertained some friends we had not seen since our wedding last September! It is amazing how fast time can fly right by!

Sunday, of course, was spent with our families for Easter. We went to my hometown church on Easter morning mass and then ate lunch at my grandmother’s house. It was so nice to see all of my cousins and catch up with everyone! I was able to show off all of my wedding photos this weekend since we recently received our wedding album from our photographer. I’ll have to share the highlights of the day, the photography and the decor very soon!

That afternoon, we hopped on over (did you like that Easter-ish verb?!)  to Dan’s family gathering. We helped my niece and nephew hunt Easter eggs – which I secretly… or not-so-secretly LOVE! I’m the one you will see running in a dead sprint for fun-size snickers or a $1 bill in our family! I’m a competitor! And… I love sugar!


After the kid’s hunt, my mother-in-law gave each of her three son’s and their wives a sheet of paper with a clue. She told us to go find our treasure! Again, I LOVE THIS STUFF!

So we set out to find our first clue, which happened to be under the swings.

It read, “A power tool with thread…” – Dan and I both automatically knew she was referring to her prized sewing machine! A mother of three boys has her “toys” too!


 We found clue after clue along the route leading to our treasure! She had fun riddles for each clue! This one read, “To catch the Easter Bunny, you must be clever as a fox. See if you can catch him as he runs past the _______.”…



We found our final clue inside the mailbox.

We eventually found our treasure – Easter baskets full of our favorite loot!


My basket had popcorn, pistachios, candy, pretzels, sunflower seeds and some flower seeds for our new garden! Can’t wait to dig in!

This was so much fun! I really hope we do something similar again next Easter!

After the hunts, it was time to finish stuffing myself with as many sweets as possible (I gave up sweets and pop for Lent so I was ready to indulge from weeks of fasting!) I made this Chunky Chocolate & Pecan Pie Cheesecake – I know, I know.. how many desserts could I combine into one!?! But it was delicious!


 Now that I have you drooling for the recipe… I will be sharing it on my Saturday post! Ha! Stay-tuned folks!!!

What a sweet Easter it was! Here are a few more photos from our day. I just can’t get enough of our nieces and nephew! Sweetest!

easter5 easter easter2 easter1

Have a great rest of the week! See you on Saturday!!!

-Rustic Honey

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