Nashville Travel Highlights: Part 2

Nashville Day 2: Sunday

Even on a cloudy day, the streets on Nashville are buzzing! The weather was very cooperative during our stay. We only had a few raindrops on Sunday afternoon.

NASHVILLE 2013 209

We met up with some friends that live near Nashville for lunch on Sunday. It was great to visit with them during our stay. They gave us several suggestions for the rest of our visit. From there, we traveled to the Opryland Resort.

Through the large lobby area there is a large, open garden with seating and small restaurants. The space was very beautiful. I was so amazed at how large the entire resort was as we walked through…

NASHVILLE 2013 140

You could have fit my ENTIRE hometown in this building! Plus my husbands hometown… and still had room to spare! Granted we are both from teeny tiny places on the map, but I’m telling you this place was enormous!

NASHVILLE 2013 144

We ventured on to find the garden area.

So many exotic flowers, trees and waterfalls… I felt like Nashville had become a tropical destination all at once!

NASHVILLE 2013 151 NASHVILLE 2013 155 NASHVILLE 2013 161

We all agreed this space would be great for events!

After walking through the resort we traveled over to the nearby mall where we came across the Aquarium restaurant. They allowed visitors to walk through to see all of the beautiful fish.

This restaurant would be very fun for the kiddos traveling to Nashville. Our friends bought a few souvenirs for their little girls back home. I’m sure they loved them!

NASHVILLE 2013 184

The center of the restaurant was home to hundreds of fish in a very large, wall aquarium.

NASHVILLE 2013 170

There was also a walkway into the restaurant where the fish were overhead!

NASHVILLE 2013 168

We made our way back to the downtown area that afternoon. We visited Savannah’s Candy Kitchen for some sweet treats. The candy factory was very cool to see!

NASHVILLE 2013 187

I had to try the peanut and cashew clusters. Delicious!

Their covered apples looks amazing too…

NASHVILLE 2013 104 I sampled the caramel popcorn with pecans. I wish I could have fit it in my suitcase because it was amazing as well! NASHVILLE 2013 107

We finished out our last night in Nashville with a little two-stepping at The Second Fiddle

NASHVILLE 2013 200

and a little hoopin’ and hollarin’ out at the Pred’s game.

I had never been a hockey game before! I absolutely loved it… I had no doubt I would!

NASHVILLE 2013 207 NASHVILLE 2013 214 NASHVILLE 2013 221 NASHVILLE 2013 217

It was so neat to walk out of the arena into downtown Nashville one last time on Sunday night. The streets were temporarily blocked so we all walked right down the center of Broadway.

NASHVILLE 2013 225

The streets were lit up once again down music row. I knew then, we will have to visit again!

Maybe sooner than later.


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