Cattle Drive

Last Sunday, Dan and I spent most of the day at my parent’s house. My sister was home from school once again!

The weather was beautiful! Dan and my dad went out to check cows together so us girls decided we would go for a cruise. We jumped in my sister’s ole pickup truck and prompted Copper to tag along.

He loves when we take him for rides! He likes to feel the wind through his fur… ears a flappin’!

My favorite picture of Copper.

My favorite picture of Copper.

We didn’t get too far down the road when I heard my phone ring. The boys needed our help… little did they know we were busy… making our way to town for an ice-cold coke from the local general store! So busy!

They needed us to block the gravel road so they could have a small cattle drive. My dad needed to move some of his cattle into a separate field nearby, so they decided to round them up and walk them down the road. Not always an easy feat.

So we did our duty and blocked the road for the guys.


Copper is not much for a “cattle-dog.” I think he would rather stay in the truck. He watched intently from the sidelines during the cattle drive.

Morgan is one reason Copper would rather stay near us! What a bond they have!


As the cattle neared, we were all standing outside the truck with Copper. My phone rang again.

Dan said, “Watch out for this black cow… she is really mean and mad!”

“Which black cow!?” I said frantically as my eyes searched for Dan amongst the herd of cattle moving closer to us every second.

“The one right over here…” he said.

“Dan, I can’t see you or which one you are pointing at!”

“Lauren, I’m just kidding!”

Seriously!? Sometimes “Funny-man’s” pranks are more fun for him than they are for me! We all had a good laugh anyway!cattle3

Despite Dan’s dramatized prank, the cattle drive when just fine! We watched as they followed the bale of hay to their new home.

For cows, sometimes the grass is greener on the other side. Welcome home ladies!

Copper was also satisfied with the cattle drive. Smile…


After a fun-filled afternoon with the family, Dan and I finished the beautiful day with a walk down our favorite road. We always stop at the top of the hill to take in the fresh air.

What a great Sunday it was!


I hope this weekend will be just as perfect!

-Rustic Honey

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