Crash Course in Gardening

There is nothing better than spring nights with the windows open and the attic fan pulling the fresh air into our house! Best. Sleep. Ever.

We are enjoying the cool nights while they last. I am also enjoying all of the flowers popping up around our farmhouse! Here are some of my favorite photos taken on our farm this past weekend.

Purple, pink, periwinkle, white and yellow… we seem to have an iris in every color!

photo 1

IMG_0776 IMG_0654 IMG_0649 IMG_0794

Dan and I went for a walk Sunday evening to the top of “the hill” on our land. The corn was starting to come up! I love watching him stop and observe the field.

I’ve watched my father do this for as long as I can remember. I could always tell what he thought of the crop by the way he would nod or shake his head. I have a feeling my dad has no idea I watched him that closely over the years. (Lesson for the Farmer’s Daughter: Love the land)


After observing the fields, we walked back to work on the garden. This year is my first year gardening and canning. Growing up, I actually didn’t have a garden so I will be learning as I go.

Who wears gym shorts and cowboy boots on a walk?



“But Fancy was my name.” Ha!

Dan and his parents gave me my first crash-course in planting a garden on Sunday. I am so excited to have fresh fruits and vegetables straight from our backyard. Does not get much better than that!

Here is how I planted my first-ever pepper in the garden! Sweet Banana Peppers – Can’t wait! (Lesson for the farmer’s daughter: Patience)


Dig a whole just deep enough to fit the base root of the 2

Push the plant out of its tray and place in the ground. photo 3Begin to fill in the dirt around the root. Do not pack down too much and make sure your plant is not down in a bowl or valley where it will hold too much excess water. You’ll want a level surface for this plant. photo 4 photo 5

Ta Da! My first plant is in the ground!

My patient mother-in-law also walked me through planting watermelon, cantaloupe, squash and zucchini.

To plant those we used small seeds. We made a small mound of dirt (about 12-15” in diameter), placed 5-6 seeds on top in a circle (make circle about 4-5” wide), covered with more dirt and pushed to create a solid mound (pushing on the mound ensures the seeds won’t wash away when it rains.) Sorry, my hands were too dirty for pictures at that point!

While we were busy planting those seeds, Dan and his dad planted the rest of the garden for us including corn, tomatoes, onions, beets, lettuce and potatoes.

Final step – watering!


I learned so much and now we have a complete garden! The only thing left to do is pray for good weather! (Lesson for the farmer’s daughter: Plant every seed with a prayer)

God bless this garden,

-Rustic Honey

8 thoughts on “Crash Course in Gardening

    • Thanks Charlotte! I’m so excited and it will definitely be fun to watch it grow! I really hope the watermelon turns out because it is my go-to in the summer! 🙂

  1. Loving your irises! My large white ones are out now and they make me so happy. I love watermelon and the idea of growing it would be a hoot, but it is too cold up here. I can’t wait for my tomatoes, peppers and herb garden to be in full fruit. I love it!

  2. Great photos and post! After many years of vegetable gardening my love for it has never waned. It never ceases to amaze me that the tiny seeds I plant grow into delicious food. 🙂 Best wishes to you on this new journey – I think you’re made for this!

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