A Summer Poem Of Sorts

A catchy little poem came to me after work Monday as I walked out of my building into the heat and humidity of a Missouri summer evening. I jumped in my car and felt the heat immediately surround me as I searched for my keys. Beginning to sweat, I turned to grab my seat belt not realizing it was scorching hot! HOT! HOT, HOT!

In this moment it came to me. I really like summer but sometimes it does not like me.

Summer is here. Ready or not.

“My Summer”

A drink with friends gives you a good chuckle

You burn the crap out of your hand on your seat buckle

Feels like I’m living in a sauna

I’m starting to sweat profusely and don’t wanna

My white skin is blinding to the naked eye

As the sun bounces off of me from the clear blue sky

I think I’m burning! I think I’m burning!

Oh, for more aloe vera I am yearning!

Summer may not be my season

But all four I find quite pleasin’

Okay, so maybe I won’t quit my day job…

Don’t get me wrong, summer is great! I just seem to struggle with it more than any other season – sweat, flat hair (oh, wait… that is every season!), bikinis (yuck!), white skin and freckles, must I go on!?!

To end on a high note, what I love most about summertime is the barbeques, baseball, the lake and gatherings  friends and family! Good food, beer, and plenty of sunshine!

Summer fun!

Summer fun!



What are your favorite… or not so favorite things about summer?

– RH


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