DIY: 5 Minute Toothbrush Holder

Happy Wednesday!

The week is half-over and it is time to celebrate by sharing the quickest DIY project of all time!

It is quick…It is fast…

It is as speedy as they come!

It is DIY in 5 MINUTES!!!

Here is how I spiced up our medicine cabinet with this easy, DIY toothbrush holder.


What you’ll need:

  • Toothbrush Holder – I found this on clearance for under $2
  • Chalkboard Spray Paint (AKA: God’s gift to crafters)
  • Painter’s Tape
  • Newspaper
  • Optional: Real Beanz Ice Coffee (This is my new favorite!)


IMG_1787 Grab your toothbrush holder and your coffee folks!

Every fabulous project of mine involves coffee at some point in time.

It all started in college… I said I wouldn’t get addicted… Ha, I’m not going there, just kidding! IMG_1788 Stretch the tape around the front of the jar so that the lines are straight and parallel. IMG_1790 Add two more lines of tape where you want the chalkboard paint to end. Press all edges down well to prevent any paint from getting underneath. IMG_1792 Tape the newspaper around the remainder of the holder to prevent over-spray.IMG_1793 Add tape to the edge of the newspaper and then apply to cover the rest of the holder. IMG_1795 Now you are ready… wait, more coffee… how did that sneak into the picture! IMG_1798 And now you are ready to paint. IMG_1800 Once painted, allow to dry thoroughly according to paint directions. IMG_1801 Carefully remove the tape to reveal crisp, clean lines. IMG_1802 Almost ready…IMG_1803 Prepare the surface by using the side of your chalk and filling the area. IMG_1804 Rub in the chalk to create an authentic looking chalk board finish. IMG_1806 There you have it!IMG_1807 You can write whatever your heart desires. I thought “brush” seemed appropriate! IMG_1813

Have fun DIY’ers!

Don’t forget to enter the ongoing GIVEAWAY!!!

– RH

DISCLAIMER: I only promote products I use myself. I was not compensated in any way for this project or the promotion of Real Beanz coffee.


6 thoughts on “DIY: 5 Minute Toothbrush Holder

  1. Love it! I I love this product, and also use the chalkboard labels by Martha Stewart in my stamp studio to label things. I wish I would have known about this spray before I bought my chalkboard for my studio. I love chalkboards and keep lots of lists on mine.

  2. Adorable! I love a quick project, especially one that turns out so cute! Reminds me of those chalkboard-labeled jars they’re selling at Anthro right now. Love!

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