About the Blog

Howdy! My name is Lauren and Rustic Honey is my new blogging adventure for 2013.

I have wanted to start my own blog for some time now and finally I am here, turning over a new leaf! This new endeavor will be an outlet for me to share my passion for cooking, sewing, home making and good ole country livin’! I am in no way an expert in any of these areas but I have a true love for cooking, sewing and crafting and have been practicing the country way of life nearly my entire existence.

I am Rustic Honey and this is my life.

About Me

My name is Lauren and I was born and raised on a small farm in southwest Missouri. I have lived in the country most of my life with the exception of attending college and starting my first career. I enjoy my time living in the city especially with all of the amazing restaurants and entertainment but I think it’s safe to say that nothing beats a star filled sky out in my neck of the woods. I feel most at home on an old dirt road, riding shotgun in an old farm truck that smells of oil and dust. Might sound a little silly but it brings back so many childhood memories of life on the farm.

I have had a love for cooking, sewing and crafts for as long as I remember. My grandmother is a seamstress and taught me to sew around the age of six. I can still remember sitting on her sewing room floor, pinning fabric scraps together for my Barbie dolls’ clothing. I was quite the little designer! She inspired me then and is still one of my biggest role models today.

I just recently married the love of my life, Dan. He amazes me every day with his patience, love and encouragement. His first love was also the countryside. Dan lives to raise his cattle, hunt and take his honey for a ride down an old back road in a place he calls “God’s country.” Funny, that man of mine!

We decided on forever...

We decided on forever…

I hope you enjoy getting to know me, my funny man, my family and my great love for the country!

About the Name: Rustic Honey

You may be wondering why I call myself Rustic Honey. There is no easy or concise way for me to describe this alter ego of mine. Rustic Honey isn’t always who I am…but she is exactly who I want to be every day. I think in one way or another many can relate to this.

Noun: Rustic Honey

Rustic – She adores life in the country and finds beauty in its simplicity, the peace and quiet, and the star filled skies. Above all else, she knows what matters most in life are the people with whom you surround yourself. She gives thanks to God everyday for the gifts in her life.

Honey – She greets everyone she sees with a heartfelt smile. She finds the most joy in her life, not from worldly possessions, but from the experiences and precious moments encountered each day. She is caring, passionate, loving, and kind to all – a true southern sweetheart and the girl next door.

The Rustic Honey blog was created as an outlet for me to share my passions and embrace the life I love so dearly. Only the Lord above knows this Rustic Honey’s full potential and I’m so excited about his plan for me.


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